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Residential and Commercial Solar & Wind Power, Eco Renovations

InstallECO provides green installation and eco-friendly services all across the US. Let us renovate your home or business, making it more efficient while saving both the environment and money. Enjoy our ECO-Installation Network, available to locally service and repair your solar panel, wind turbine or other green energy system or renovate your business and home.

Installing eco friendly solar/ wind energy systems, control devices, insulation and other renovations at your property makes it more self sufficient, increasing your equity and reducing overhead costs. You can turn excess enegy into revenue or store it for later use.

Why InstallECO We are local solar, wind and eco installers in your community, not a large multinational corporation. The InstallECO Network is an online directory containing the most up to date listings of active eco, solar/wind installation companies. We support local, efficient business - which means more resources end up back in the community in which you live, along with the savings in your pocket.

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Home Eco Renovations

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 Residential Wind Power

The IntallECO Network is made up of local eco installers and electricians to provide fast installation and repair of your solar, wind system or ECO renovation.

 Aesthetic Home Eco Renovations
Home Eco Renovations

Solar Power Installation Services

Solar Power Systems – Consist of solar electric and solar heating systems. Not having any moving parts, they require little maintenance. While small solar energy systems can be installed by someone with moderate technical knowledge, larger solar power systems and anything connecting to the electric grid requires a licensed electrician or local installation company.

Learn about Local Solar Power Systems to see if your location is ideal for solar.

Either way you're supporting small businesses that create jobs while getting the best rates when phone companies compete. InstallECO's prices are the same as going direct with the giant provider - but you have two companies working for you now. Make your funds count!

Wind Power Installation Services

Wind Power Systems – Consist of a wind turbine, mast, and DC-AC inverter for electrical conversion. Wind turbine kits have become sturdy and are designed to last 20+ years with proper maintenance. Self-Install kits exist, however professional installation is recommended for larger wind turbine systems.

InstallECO has many options to turn the wind around your home or business into clean energy ready for use. Learn about Local Wind Power, and the energy viability on your property by city.

Solar Power Sistems and DIY Kits

Complete Do-It Yourself kits and solar power systems for 5 Watts to full grid tie systems of 4KW!

Solar panels, batteries, inverters and all necessary installation equipment included in kits from plug and play to advanced.

Use our local solar panel installation network for help with and size solar panel system!

ECO Renovations, Green Services
Eco renovation Design

Eco Renovations – Include small to large projects designed to increase the efficiency of your home or business by reducing energy resource consumption. Insulating, building shading, heating/cooling, gardening, water usage reduction, recycling, gardening and compost are just some of the ways you can go green, save your local environment, money and time.

Learn more about ECO Renovations

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