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Solar Panel Equipment, Installation and Repair Services

We provide complete solar power systems for either photovoltaic (electric) or solar hot water heating systems. We can help design the general overlay of the system, provide equipment and help you get your solar panels installed by a local installer in your home or business.

Solar Power is by far one of the best means of obtaining free, renewable electricity for use in your home or business. Solar power systems can be built utilizing solar panel arrays, fuel powered generators and batteries for storage to provide 24 hour electricity supply. Combine with wind power and you can choose whether to be on the energy grid or not.

Solar Panels and other necessary equipment to obtain solar energy are becoming more affordable while electricity prices are going up. This means that you should be considering installing a solar power system in your residential or commercial location.

Solar Power Systems

Solar Hot Water

Solar Power for Homes
 Local Solar Power Installation

Keep your solar power system performing at maximum efficiency through proper maintenance with the Install Eco Network.

Home Solar Installation

Solar Energy Systems

Solar Power Systems – Encompass solar electric and solar heating systems. Not having any moving parts, they require little maintenance. While small solar energy systems can be installed by someone with moderate technical knowledge, larger solar power systems and anything connecting to the electric grid requires a licensed electrician or local installation company.

The systems themselves consist of panels, energy transfer system (inverter, heating element) to utilize the energy, and storage in the form of batteries or hot water tank if desired.

 Learn about Local Solar Power Systems to see if your location is suitable.

Solar Power Installation Services

 Install Eco has a network of qualified solar power installers and electricians ready to to install, service and repair your solar energy system and necessary equipment.

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Panel Cleaning
Solar Power Maintenance, Repair
Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty panels don't absorb the same amount of sunlight as clean ones. A local ECO Installer can come clean, test and adjust your solar panel array to have it produce the most energy possible.

Proper preventive maintenance can keep your system running optimally, increasing it's lifespan to 25+ years, while protecting other building elements at install location.